The Benefits of Conformal Coating for Medical Equipment

7 months ago aebi Comments Off on The Benefits of Conformal Coating for Medical Equipment

Medical equipment and devices have many hazards to navigate when in use. Constant sterilization needs and potential contact with biological materials are common, and some items must function well inside a human body without the risk of contamination or complications. Experts recommend Parylene coating for these purposes above other coating options due to its durability, effectiveness, and safety. The product offers many benefits for many medical applications.

Customize the Thickness

Parylene applications occur in layers, so it is simple to achieve whatever thickness the item needs. The flexibility of the material allows it to coat equipment as thickly as needed or applied as a sheer film for items as small as hypodermic needles. Conformal coatings like Parylene adapt to the exact shape of the item covered, so the integrity and function of the equipment never suffer.

Use with Confidence

Biocompatibility makes Parylene a vital coating choice for medical use. The product works safely on medical tools and implantable devices. For any procedure or service that needs guaranteed protection against contamination, this smooth, non-porous material is the solution. It will not introduce any bacteria into a patient when in use as long as medical teams follow standard sterilization procedures.

Protect Valuable Equipment.

Expensive medical devices and tools consistently experience sterilization processes and come into contact with a variety of biological material. Coatings prevent moisture from touching the equipment so rust, contamination of interiors, and damage to internal electronics are no longer a concern. The equipment lasts longer and needs less effort to stay at sterilization standards.

Easy to Repair

Everything eventually wears out with use, and Parylene conformal coatings are no exception. However, the devices covered with the coating remain usable. Recoating requires the removal of the damaged material before a new coating can be applied. Once completed, the device or tool will work as well as it did after the first coating.

Parylene coatings continue to be one of the most popular conformal materials available on the market. The product has amazing versatility and durability, but it is not the only option. Other coating choices exist for a variety of work environments. Conformal coating services can offer acrylic, epoxy, silicone, and much more.