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Keep Your Life Sweetness Alive With Natural Sweeteners

Although sugar provides virtually no nutritional value and the human body does not require it for health, many of us still love sugar the most. The average American intakes 130 pounds of the white stuff per year, and Canadians are likely not far behind. Bad news is that excessive sugar consumption results in lowered immunity and can lead to increased rates of obesity, heart disease, Type II diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, candida, and a host of other degenerative conditions. These results are enough to increase the demand of sugar substitutes amongst the masses. Natural sweeteners are healthier alternatives that you can use.Don't worry! Come forward and let's face it, we are a nation addicted to the taste of something sweet, but more often than not you will consume it in the form of refined white sugar. For your knowledge, this type of sweetener is notorious for being a waste of empty calories. In addition to it, it jacks up your blood sugar levels, hammers your adrenal glands, makes your brain do a tailspin then kicks your butt into fatigue, only causing you to want more, and more. It sounds like a bad relationship and one you may want to change.It is noteworthy that your body needs that sweet taste, along with bitter, salty, pungent, sour, and astringent. Getting these tastes is an important ingredient in your daily diet schedule. It is true that if you have not included the sweet taste in the form of sweet vegetables, healthy sweeteners or fruit, then you will go looking for it in refined, processed desserts as well as candy. Well, your body knows what it needs, you just have to steer those cravings in the right direction.It is good to choose natural sweeteners for you, but they are still a form of sugar and can impact the body in negative ways when consuming in excess quality. Chocolate, cakes, cookies, and other baked sweet goods should be eaten on occasion, 2-3 times a week, in moderation. It is better to get the sweet taste from fruit, sweet vegetables and whole grains.I can understand that with the holiday season in full swing you may be regretting that fourth chocolate truffle from the office party; but take a swing around any health food store and you will find those same delicious truffles made with rice syrup, xylitol, honey or even stevia. Why not live life on the wild side and try to go with something different for a change? As a matter of fact, make up a batch of pecan biscotti, coconut macaroons, or the Almond Raspberry Tart, (recipes listed below) and take them along to your next holiday bash.

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